Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the excitement of the mundane

I have been woefully shirking my writing obligation to our blog! Luckily, for me, my awesome husband has filled in while I've been stuck in the field.

Things are going well lately, and Peter was able to visit last weekend. A friend of mine, recently returned from Iraq, is staying with me, and his fiance (yes, yes...lots of gay weddings taking place in the military now) visited as well. I'd been talking up my friendship with these two for sometime, and considering Peter and I hadn't spent time together since our wedding AND it was a four-day weekend AND we had good friends in town, we thought it a good opportunity to take a little trip.

I picked up Peter from the airport with my mom and a classmate of ours en route to Tucson stopped by as well. The three of us toured Kansas City and all it had to offer (which, I must say, is more than it gets credit for) and returned to our home in Manhattan.

I would go into details about brunch or our night out with friends, but what I think is more mentionable is that we had, finally, a day of nothing...

You see, living apart, whenever we're able to see one another, we end up filling our free time with 'tasks'. They're generally tasks we give ourselves--shop for a gift, go to a wedding, dinner with friends, set a budget, organize, buy, sell, plan etc. We run ourselves ragged trying to get our future organized and before we know it, it's our last night together, we're exhausted, and less rested than we were before we started.

This time, however, we finally had a day of...nothing!

We went to the gym, made breakfast for Momma and then...nothing. We sat on the couch and watched some recorded shows (mainly HGTV thinking about our future home in an as of yet undetermined location) and fell asleep on the couch with one of our dogs. My mom woke us up with a motherly, "get to bed, you two..." and...we did.

It was amazing in its normalcy and a little taste of our future together. I'm sure the "grass is always greener", but if you're reading this and you're one of those couples who has the ability to live together and has since grown weary of the monotony...remember that somewhere there's a couple without that monotony who long for the day that the mundane is attainable!

Looking forward to Thanksgiving and my first trip to Vermont--no Internet or cell phones there, so expect a very belated update from then!

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  1. I think "mundane" and "ordinary life" are awesome. I very much enjoy living a regular life (with little drama) and lots of quiet time. Thanks for sharing!