Monday, October 31, 2011


Have a Happy Halloween everyone! It's my (Pete) favorite least this is my last one alone! So expect a fantasticly crazy couples costume next year!

Much Love,

Pete and Adam


Tonight when I got home from work...sitting next to the door of my apartment was a beautiful bouquet of asiatic lillies with a little note from my love (who is currently involved in a training exercise). Made my Halloween and my week! God I love that man!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

THAT my amazing!

Adam and I would like to send our sincerest thanks to everyone who has commented and supported us since we've been together. Especially to Max Rosenthal for his beautiful article about us in the Huffington Post. Adam's and my story is nothing out of the ordinary, we are two guys who fell in love, trying to make our way through the world while making our relationship and that of thousands of others the "new normal" (a coined term by Adam).

In the end, we are just so grateful for all of the opportunities and situations that have presented themselves to us and we are always ready to jump on board!

I leave you with this: though we are living a fairytale remember that we are just two normal guys in a loving and committed marriage...we are far from perfect and we even have disagreements from time to time (yes its true!) But in the end, and most importantly we are together because we wanted to go through life, disagreements and all, and at the end of the night...whether it was an amazing day, a normal day, or you just had your differences...always say "I love you" and mean it...sleep easy knowing that above all and foremost love is why we are together and THAT my amazing.

Much Love,


Sunday, October 23, 2011

the skype bridge

Just a quick note...

Peter and I spend a LOT Of time like this lately. We do dinner dates, hang out w/ mom or sometimes watch movies's a way to make it seems like we're closer than we are and, so far, it's been working.

That being said, we'll be moving in together a lot sooner than it seems, and the time between now and then is going to come and go VERY quickly! I go to the field soon, and afterwards our friend Zech will be returning from Iraq and staying with me until February. That weekend, Peter will come out to meet Zech and his fiance, Will.  A week later, we'll be with Peter's family in Vermont for Thanksgiving, and two weeks later, our Army/Navy reception in DC!  Another two weeks and we'll be partying with our West Coast family and friends and a short car trip up the coast to San Francisco.

Basically, life right now is good, and we're making it as easy as possible while we're separated, but we're DEFINITELY looking forward to when we finally live together.

Oh, and don't be surprised if you get thrown into a skype conversation or speaker phone's how we make it seem like we're all hanging out together when we're 1,309 miles apart...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Ceremony

We've needed to do this for a long time but haven't had the chance AND just got the photos now.

I don't have a lot of time, but here's a quick rundown of the best day of our lives thus far!

Early the morning of the wedding, Peter and I, as well as our families and friends, went to the a HUGE farmer's market in downtown Madison. We ate, tried local cheeses and snacks and then most people went and bought flowers to decorate the Bed and Breakfast.

Alex, Peter, Lucia and Nick went and set up the B and B. The flowers were BEAUTIFUL and really looked great. We decided to do the ceremony on the stairs in front of a stained glass window of Saint Cecilia in honor of our first weekend together at the Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin.

As they were decorating, Patrick and Lucia took photos of us. One of my favorite moments was when Lucia asked, "Do you all want to do this, or take the pictures over there?" Peter, ever the decider, replied, "We don't care. We don't want to make decisions and just want to be stress free." Lucia laughed and took charge! It was perfect!
 Peter's Sister, Henrietta (Henny) read Khalil Gibran's On Marriage from The Prophet and his father, Peter Senior, officiated at the ceremony after being newly ordained in Vermont.

After the vows, which we wrote ourselves, Peter Sr. asked my mother to come forward and give us her blessing, which she did.
That marked the end of the ceremony! Quick and simple and VERY personal...perfect!  I got on my phone immediately to make it FBO.
 After that, we signed the official documents...
 And we each inherited two new sisters...I think we make for quite an awesome mixed bunch of siblings!
Peter's best man, Nick and my best man, Greg, both gave toasts after Peter and I poured glasses. The B&B provided them and it was really cool...the lady had all kinds of mixed stemware and an antique silver tray that looked beautiful.
 And they that! We are now married! Woohoo!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

on reaching out...for support or to touch

I want to write about our wedding, and how amazing it was (which it most definitely was), but I want to wait until I have the pictures to put up.

Instead, tonight I write about how people have reacted to Peter and I. Obviously we have made ourselves quite public, both through this blog and through our other individual social networking (his facebook, mine, my blog etc.). We knew we were making ourselves public, and that there would be... repercussions of doing so, but I don't think either one of us realized the full extent of what that meant.

You see, there were the obvious changes that we'd endure--people we didn't quite expect to know finding out. And that has been cool. We've both had numerous calls and emails from classmates and old friends, and quite a few who neither of us EVER expected would be supportive or even accepting calling not just to congratulate, but to say a "special" congratulations because they were happy we are able to be who we are.

We've both had classmates call or email to tell us "I'm sorry..." for acting childish in school, or possibly rude or bigoted, and to say they don't feel that way and they're happy for us.

We've had old friends re-connect through the blog.

What has surprised us, however, are the "other gays" out there who are looking for support and comfort.  You see, we didn't start this blog to put ourselves out there are "role models" or as anything to look up to. However, sometimes it's easy to focus on the difficult, on the points in our lives where Peter and I have had to deal with hardships, and to forget that when you consider everything, we've had it pretty easy.

So many people out there (the "other gays" I referred to) DON'T have it as easy as us. They have families who kick them out. They have wives and kids and haven't come out at all. They have jobs that preclude them from coming out (yes, there are jobs out there outside the military which would do so...consider the clergy, celebrities or people who work with children).  We've had gays who simply want to find love and fear they wont--and all of them have found us either through the blog, or if they already knew one or both of us, have seen a side of us they didn't know of before.

I'm not saying there's a line outside our door waiting for help, but only that when you're in a situation where it feels like your alone, and you find someone who makes you feel less alone, you cling to it. And Peter and I, it seems, are now that "thing" for some people.

We're OK with that...we're happy with it...but it's most definitely unexpected.  When you don't feel you're doing anything special other than just..."being", then it's slightly difficult to realize that your normal state can, for some, seem remarkable.

It's late, so I'm not sure what the point of this post is. I guess if I had to sum it up, I could in two shorter points--1. everything is relative and, while Peter and I have our issues to overcome, they pale in comparison to the issues so many others have dealt with. And 2. If our relationship has given cause for hope or strength to other people, then we're glad that our sharing this with the world has helped someone...and if you are one of those "other gays" out there who needs someone to reach out to, please do reach, because the world is too difficult to face alone. It needn't be us (because Lord knows we're not trained to help anyone) but reach for someone. (OK, so that was really a "third point" but's late.)

With that, I leave you with some cute pictures of our dogs. Bear and Buddy. They've not met yet, but we've been talking to them one on one to make sure the transition is one that they can handle ;)

We're officially official!

It arrived today: our marriage certificate! There is so much significance for this document. Even though Adam and I both feel that we were married the moement we first met in Austin, this gives us legal basis for a number of things (in the right state and the right company) but it at least allows us to place eachother as emergency contacts or next of kin.

For me, this is significant because it demonstrates Adam's commitment to legally recognize our relationship. I had previously been in a relationship for a couple years that literally was going nowhere fast. I never even used the word "love" until I met Adam. I guess our marriage, our commitment, our pure love for eachother is what keeps me's easy to let little things in life bother me but now, with my beautiful husband and our wonderful future I am calmed by many things that really used to bother me.

For this post I just like to say to Adam: I LOVE YOU BABE! You're my everything now!

Much Love,


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just married!!

Peter and I are officially married...more to follow as we're busy being maritally blissful!

Friday, October 7, 2011

This OURS!

In one hour Adam and I begin our journey to meet in Iowa and commit to a lifetime of love, happiness and security...there isn't anyone else in the wolrd I can think of that I'd want to spend a lifetime journey with, so excited that we waited "6 whole years..!" This OURS.

Much Love,