Saturday, January 21, 2012

Missing Peter...but still have pieces of him!

My husband isn't with me right now...but I've cleaned the house, polished the furniture and cleaned the leather chair (my favorite)! I think cleaning makes me feel closer to him because he's much more meticulous than I about neatness and organization.

I look around my house and see traces of him everywhere. I took down the Christmas lights and, instead of throwing them our or packing them in a ball under my bed, I wrapped them, put them in a small, fitting box, taped it shut and labeled it...then I placed it with the other Christmas stuff. Crazy for me!

I thought I might share some of the other little things around my house that make me think of Peter...
We buy a lot off and one of those things was some awesome air-plants. I can't paint the house, and don't want to do too much in the way of costly decoration. Well, we got these air plants and put them up in the it looks cool! A little bit of decoration to remind me of "us" every day! (if you're not on It's cool, there's everything from leather chairs to artisanal salts!)

We have also decided to buy a book once a month. It's a cheap thing to do, and we figure it'll be something to look forward to monthly...what will we get this month? When Saturday comes and we have nothing to do and our bank account has twenty bucks...we'll go find a used book! This one is the first, and it's taught us to make AWESOME far the favorite is a pisco-sour!

Lastly, these cool salt and pepper shakers. They're a little art-deco and the colors we love. It's funny...just seeing them as I grab my keys and head out the door makes me think, "awe...Peter! I love that guy!"

So...I hope your days are all going well and that this little peak into our lives wasn't annoying ;)


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  1. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. I loved the sweetness of this post.

    The S&P's are awesome too!